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2017 Year In Review

Update on Nahant Life Saving Station Project

Thanks to all who came to the 2008 Barefoot Black Tie held on July 19, 2008.  A big thank you goes out to Cathy Bartholomew, Peter Barba, Amy Kraft, Kathy Ryan, Bernie Yadoff, Emily Potts, Brett Henry, Cliff Ansara, John Connolly and ATS Equipment, David Doyle, Nahant DPW, and all those who helped out with this great event.  Although thunder and lightening threatened we escaped the worst of the storms and a great time was had by all.  Thanks also to Chris Whitlock and the Acme Blues Band for great music - another magical night in the moonlight on Short Beach.

We also had a great group of volunteers help out to install the new wood fence at the Station.  Thanks to Roz Puleo for coordinating this and all those who helped.  The NLSS subcommittee of the Nahant Preservation Trust is pleased that the exterior garage restoration and renovations have been completed.  The public bathrooms are now open in the side of the garage and are a welcome addition to users of Short Beach.  We are renting out the Station grounds (not the building yet) to those who want to have cook-outs, family reunions and other events.  Although the 2008 summer season is close to an end, please keep this in mind for next summer.  It is a great place to have a party!

The restoration and renovation of the interior of the main Station building is next on our agenda.  It will be renovated to provide interpretive displays of life-saving memorabilia (if you have anything to contribute or know of someone who does, let us know) and also for use of the ground floor interior for functions, with a caterer’s kitchen.  We are also exploring the lease of ground floor space to the Nahant Veterans Association on a long term basis which will provide them a much needed home (fittingly across the street from the Veterans Memorial) now that the property on Coolidge Road has been sold.

Our next fundraising event will be the 4th Annual Sea to Shining Sea Race on Sunday, October 19, 2008, organized by Roz Puleo.  This 5 mile road race will begin at 10 a.m., with registration starting at 8 a.m.  For more information, see and follow the Events and Happenings link to the Sea to Shining Sea.  There will also be a 30k road race sponsored by North Shore Striders on Sunday, September 14, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. with proceeds going to the NLSS.  This race is also posted on the website.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the effort, so if you want to help and get involved, please call me (781) 581-9466 or email us at

Paula Devereaux, Nahant Preservation Trust

Our year in review...looking back at 2006

It seemed while looking out on this rainy first day of 2007 a particularly good time to reflect upon the year just completed. 

Reflective, though, this note begins with praise and thanks to all of you. Over the New Year’s weekend, The Globe ran an editorial which struck a chord with a call for Civic Engagement, a challenge really. The editorial author, himself, the executive director of the non-profit, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, spoke of true Civic Engagement as requiring an “ongoing involvement in the good of a community… the pursuit of common good.” Quoting from Alexis de Tocqueville, he notes that “the genius of American democracy is voluntary association, free citizens coming together… to solve problems, to celebrate successes, and to pursue common passions.” While much has been written about the “precipitous decline in volunteerism in recent American life”, we, in Nahant, remain steadfast in our continuing commitment to community. All of you are evidence of that commitment; all of you are engaged. Your involvement in The Nahant Preservation Trust, your dedication to The Town of Nahant and your leadership in the community is that for which you warrant such praise and thanks.

Much occurred and was accomplished during the last twelve months, but 2006 forever will be inextricably tied to the Nahant Lifesaving Station, and with and through it, the deepening partnership between The Town and The Trust. On The Trust’s part, the commitment to undertake another major project, and The Town’s willingness, in turn, to entrust that responsibility. A brief review of 2006:

· In early March, the Board of Selectmen voted to approve and then signed a twenty-five year lease for the Nahant Lifesavings Station with The Nahant Preservation Trust, effectively turning over the stewardship of that property for the foreseeable future to the Trust. 

· In April, at the 2006 Annual Town Meeting, the Town voted to award The Nahant Preservation Trust a matching grant of $450,000 to complete the restoration of the Nahant Lifesaving Station.

· In early May, we had a small fundraiser at Kelley Greens hosted by Darlene Conigliaro and then later in the month of May, under the guidance of Carol Hanson, the second annual Nahant Arts at The Nahant Community Center was held at The Nahant Community Center at Valley Road School.

· In June, we were pleased to welcome Esther Johnson, Paula Devereaux, Mary Magner, Roz Puleo, Cathy Bartholomew, Kathy Ryan, Bumper Gooding and Emily Potts to the Board of Directors of The Nahant Preservation Trust. Paula Devereaux promptly assumed a leadership role in the Lifesaving Station Committee, with Mike Rauworth and Esther Johnson chairing sub-committees. The Lifesaving Station Committee is supported by a number of other Board members, Cathy Bartholomew, Mary Magner, Bernie Yadoff, Emily Potts, Sue Branga, Roz Puleo amongst others.

· In early July, under the guidance of Cathy Bartholomew and Kathy Ryan and with the help of a committee that included Bernie Yadoff and Emily Potts, Amy Klee, Sue Branga, Andy and Roz Puleo, Mary Flannery and Chris Whitlock, we held the magnificent and beautiful Black & White Ball at the Paterson family residence.

· In late July, we were notified that The Nahant Preservation Trust was awarded the prestigious Milestone in Heritage Preservation Award by the Essex National Heritage Commission. The award was given in honor of the 10th anniversary of the designation of Essex County as a National Heritage Area in recognition of the most significant preservation projects of the decade.

· In August, we welcomed some 500 people to Short Beach for the fabulously successful Jamaican Me Crazy party. Jamaican Me Crazy was the brainchild of Bumper Gooding, and every aspect and detail of the party from set up to tear down was orchestrated under his direction (with more than a little assistance and a lot of understanding from Betty Gooding.)

· In September, Roz and Andy Puleo with Nancy Wilson and the North Shore Striders, organized the first of two road races for the benefit of The Nahant Preservation Trust, a 30k Road Race.

· And in October, The Sea to Shining Sea Race for the benefit of The Nahant Preservation Trust was run, again under the direction of Roz and Andy Puleo.

· In November, The Visions of Nahant was held at the Nahant Country Club for the benefit of The Nahant Preservation Trust under the guidance of Chris Whitlock and the rest of the Board of the Nahant Country Club.

· And in December, we finished off the year by celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Nahant Preservation Trust with as yet another party at North Spring, 66 Ocean Street, the home of The Nahant Preservation Trust founder, Stanley Paterson.

While all of this was going on, The Nahant Community Center at the Valley Road School continued to be run smoothly by the management team led by Karen Falat. In 2006, we were able to successfully transition the on-site building management responsibilities from Carol Hanson, who had artfully handled that role for almost two years, to Robert Wilson. Robert has been a versatile addition, lending a hand in many areas, including helping to develop The Nahant Preservation Trust website, And of course, where would we be without Bob Steeves, who continues to do almost everything, big and little, at the building day in and day out.

It has been almost four (4) years since we held our first event in the beautiful Richardson Serenity Auditorium and many, many other successful events followed. 2006 was no exception, with the auditorium serving as a place for concerts, recitals, performances, lectures, shows, exhibitions, business conferences, dances, and classes. It has become the home of Sallee Slagle’s Dance Dimensions, and has been used regularly by the Nahant Recreation Commission, the Nahant Boy Scouts, the Nahant Girl Scouts, the Nahant Parent Play Group, the Nahant Council on Aging and the Nahant Historical Society to name but a few.

We will remember 2006 also for the loss of Vince Lique and John Cort, both of whom exemplified the highest form of Civic Engagement, dedicating their lives to social good.

Our future...looking forward to 2007

We have many challenges and goals for 2007.

· We need to raise more than $500,000 for the restoration of the Lifesaving Station.

· We are committed to completing the next phases of the restoration of the Lifesaving Station, the exterior renovation of the garage building and the construction of the privy building and public shower.

· We will continue to explore ways to increase educational programs, community access and other sympathetic long-term uses for the Lifesaving Station.

· We are working with The Town to examine revisions to the Town and Zoning By-Laws, to look at the possibility of creating one or more historic districts and other controls, provisions to preserve open space, and a demolition delay for historically or culturally significant properties.

· We hope to expand our role in preserving open space. We will support the Nahant Open Space Committee with its plans to hold a conference to learn more about the use of conservation restrictions and other land use planning tools.

· We will continue our activities to preserve the Nahant Country Club property as open space, and the building as historically significant.

· We will work to establish a partnership with the Nahant Veterans Association and the American Legion to develop solutions for that property. 

Most importantly, we, once again, want to express our deepest thanks to all of you for your continued commitment and dedication to the efforts of The Trust and above all for your friendship.

We leave you with this, from the Christmas message of Dan and Robin DeStefano, who we honor for her extraordinary ten-year commitment as Treasurer of The Nahant Preservation Trust…Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. We have passed it on, and request you do likewise. 

Best wishes for 2007. 

Jeff Musman

Looking forward...

We are currently working with the Town of Nahant to fulfill its mission to complete the restoration of the Nahant Life Saving Station and to provide our citizens with recreational, and educational facility everyone can enjoy.

We are also working with other groups such as the Nahant Open Space Committee to develop walking paths around Nahant and are directly participating in the Heritage Landscape Program.

Please visit our website often, content is being added all the time during our "construction" phase!

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