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Our 2017 Year In Review


Thanks to Dave Morin for this phenomenal aerial image of the Life Saving Station

2017 in Review 
Your support helps sustain this work!

Open Space

With the help of The Town via matching CPA funds along with joint fundraising with our partner SWIM, an abandoned property at 25 Furbush Road was acquired by NPT.  It will now become open space in perpetuity and will be a key part of the wetlands and flood insurance strategy of The Town.  If you care to check it out, you can see the old building has been demolished & the initial lot clean-up is complete.  Stay tuned as we work with The Town, SWIM, the Garden Club, and the Audubon Society to create an overall plan for the ongoing restoration of this open space.

Valley Road School (Nahant Community Center; NCC)

41 Valley Road continues to be a hub for activities for the young (Dance Dimension toddler classes), young at heart (COA) & in-between as many community focused organizations such as the Nahant Historical Society and the Boy Scouts made use of the building.

Special events such as lectures on Nahant's history and plant life along with Robert Wilson's photography exhibitions were very well received.

Working with the NHS, the floors were reinforced to welcome the Lowlands Buddha to its new home. 

We were very happy to help our tenant Zoogu expand their floor space and operations.  We will finish 2017 operating at 100% occupancy but will have an opening in January for a new tenant - any interested party should contact Robert Wilson through our website.  Our thanks to all our tenants and users for helping us meet the needs of maintaining and enhancing the NCC.

Regarding maintenance, extensive exterior and interior painting has been done throughout the building.  The sidewalk has been patched to get us through another winter season. The infrastructure of the building in areas such as ventilation, heating and air conditioning has been extensively upgraded.  An energy efficient temperature control system allows for reductions in the cost of running the building. With help from individual donors & our general funds, we were able to enhance the grounds, for which have received many compliments - especially on the holiday entrance greenery done by our generous &  talented volunteers.

Nahant Life Saving Station; NLSS

The Station continues to be the center of activity for our Veterans at the Legion Post as well as those wishing to schedule a non-profit, corporate off-site meeting, wedding, engagement, birthday or other event. We had a very successful summer season as host to many private events. The revenue from these activities is essential in helping us to maintain the Station.

In addition, through our partnership with Essex Heritage, the Station was nominated for great renovation work and put on the Essex Heritage Trails & Sails map, highlighting our work to a wider audience in Essex county.  As a result of this partnership, Essex Heritage held several successful events at the Station.

In terms of maintenance on the Station, painting was done throughout the building, the floors were sanded, and windows cleaned inside & out.  Extensive lock replacements and door repairs were made, and an enhanced walkway into the Legion entrance area provided easier and safer access. Significant roof repairs and gutter enhancements finished off our major improvements here for 2017.

Tall Ships Nahant

Through a close partnership with the Dory Club, we jointly staged a major event to honor the Tall Ships return to Boston this summer.  Monsoon rains did not dampen our spirits and we were able to raise funds for Dory Club's Youth Sailing program as well as the NPT.  For those who attended it was a great time, and a story to be told for years to come!   Many thanks to all the volunteers that made it happen.​

Looking Ahead....

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Open Space
 We plan to work closely with The Town, SWIM, the Garden Club and the Audubon Society in preserving and enhancing the new open space at 25 Furbush Road.  

Community Center.jpg

At Valley Road, we will be looking at long-term needs such as  the need for new walkways. We also hope to continue to increase community use of the Sears Room and the newly renovated Serenity Room.


Life Saving Station
 We hope to enhance the Boat Room with a permanent exhibit that pays tribute to the Station and Nahant's nautical legacy.
Thanks to all of you, its been a great first 20 years preserving and enhancing Nahant's unique legacy and we look forward to our next 20!  Look for our membership sign up/renewal mailer in January or join us

We welcome  your partnership, volunteer efforts, and bright ideas. 

Looking forward...

We are currently working with the Town of Nahant to fulfill its mission to complete the restoration of the Nahant Life Saving Station and to provide our citizens with recreational, and educational facility everyone can enjoy.

We are also working with other groups such as the Nahant Open Space Committee to develop walking paths around Nahant and are directly participating in the Heritage Landscape Program.

Please visit our website often, content is being added all the time during our "construction" phase!

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